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.52 caliber Sharps cartridge.

Linen cartridge for Sharps "New Model" carbine or rifle. Complete cartridge filled with powder and closed with tissue paper. Various stains on linen. Not minty, but good cartridge for the price.

.58 caliber Raleigh (Carcano).

This is the rarest size of the three calibers of this type of bullet. Three raised bands, cavity, nose cast. These were made by the state of North Carolina at the N.C. Institute for the Deaf, Dumb, and the Blind in Raleigh. Sometimes called a "Carcano" or "Garibaldi" in older references.
This dropped specimen was recovered on the Shirfy Farm at Gettysburg by early relic hunter John Cullison who hunted in the 1950s. His collection was sold to the Rosensteel family, from where it was acquired. Rare bullet from historic location!
.580 x 1.010

Williams Type II, Stretchie.

"Stretchies" are over sized bullets fired out of breechloading carbines. The larger diameter bullets, used in a pinch, stretch out as they are squeezed through the smaller carbine barrel. Here a .58 caliber Williams type II bullet was used. Obvious rifling marks. Zinc washer remains.
.525 x 1.173

.54 caliber for Rifles.

Tall Confederate bullet for .54 & .55 caliber rifles. M&M's so-called sharp shooter's bullet. Nose cast with spruenipped shorter than others listed here that were all recovered together. Cone cavity with air bubble. Three grooves tight together down near the base.
.532 x .992
Reference: TT138g; MM453

.54 caliber for Rifles.

Very tall Confederate bullet for .54 & .55 caliber rifles. M&M's so-called sharp shooter's bullet. Nose cast with obvious sprue. Cone cavity with air bubble. Three grooves tight together down near the base.
.536 x 1.088
Reference: TT138g; MM453


Eagle Poncho Eyelet Button.
Dug poncho eyelet button.  Gilted eagle button with iron hook on back. Patented design created to close poncho sides. Rarely found; even rarer with complete hook. Nice gilt on button face.


Maryland Cuff Button.
Non-dug cuff button.  Three-piece button with Maryland seal on front. Perfect stand up shank. Backmark reads, "Scovill Mfg. Co. Waterbury".


Shenkl shell sabot base.
Dug half of the zinc base plate for a Shenkl artillery shell sabot.


.58 caliber "Georgia Teat".
Bullet with three grooves, cavity with pin hole and no teat. Nice example.
.586 x 1.101
Reference: TT171c

Two Pieces / Blow-throughs.

Two pieces blown off bullets. Usual "blow-throughs" just have a hole through the nose. These pieces are from very weak castings and large air bubbles. The piece on the left is the very base of a bullet spearated from the bullet body. The portion on the right bears rifling marks and is apparently the nose and side of a bullet blown out and shaped to the musket barrel.  Longer piece on right is approximately 2" long.

.54 caliber for Rifles.

Very tall Confederate bullet for .54 & .55 caliber rifles. M&M's so-called sharp shooter's bullet. Nose cast with obvious sprue. Cone cavity with air bubble. Three grooves tight together down near the base.
.531 x 1.076
Reference: TT138g; MM453


.577 caliber Enfield "L2".
English Enfield bullet made by E & A Ludlow in Birmingham, England, and imported thru the blockade. "L2" stamping in the cavity is perfect. Wood plug remains.
.563 x 1.108
Reference: TT145v


.577 caliber C.S. Enfield
Southern cast Enfield bullet. Shallow cone cavity. Very obvious nose sprue. Mould seams visible.
.576 x 1.019

Two CS .54 caliber Bullets from  Gettysburg.
These two bullets were recovered from Heth's reserve area of July 1 at Gettysburg. Recovered by long-time Gettysburg resident Ed Miller and sold at Redding's Auction. One .54 caliber Gardner and one .54 caliber minie with the uncommon plug cavity. Both have perfect white patina.
Gardner: .545 x 1.104
Minie: .534 x .991

Assorted Bullets from Explosion During Richmond Retreat.
Eight different bullets. All deformed to one extent or another because they were in an ammunition explosion. During the retreat from Richmond, barges of supplies were being moved out of the city. One of the barges full of ammunition exploded causing bullets to rain down on the surrounding area. The story was detailed in the "North-South Trader" magazine. I have a copy of the article somewhere and will include it if I can find it. Included is a .44 Colt, .36 Colt, .44 Kerr, .69 Round Ball with a piece of percussion cap embedded, .52 Sharps, .52 Sharps Ringtail, .58 minie, and .44 Colt...all products of Richmond.


.58 caliber Gardiner Explosive -- Mac Mason.
Samuel Gardiner’s exploding bullet or “musket shell.”  Cast of pewter. Originally cast with “S. Gardiner Jr. Shell Patent Secured” in raised letters around the base. There is no lettering remaining on this specimen. A fuse nozzle is in the base and leads to a powder-filled copper vessel in the center of the bullet. This specimen has been labeled in black paint by Mac Mason. Some corrosion on the back.
Bullet: .572 x 1.113
Reference: TT154a


Snap Cap made from Bullet.
Musket "snap cap" or nipple protector handmade out of a minie. Slick dark brown patina.


.52 caliber Spencer.
Non-dug Spencer cartridge.  Two groove bullet, copper rimfire case, no head stamp.
Reference: TT87


.36 caliber revolver cartridge by Robert Chadwick.
Scarce cartridge for .36 caliber, "Navy" revolvers. Made by Robert Chadwick's Hartford Cartridge Works. Simple Colt-style bullet with rebated base, and an untreated paper powder case glued to the bullet. Cartridge was broken and repaired.
.380 x 1.260
Reference: TT7c; MM--; RB3-779


.54 caliber "Harpers Ferry Slug".
This is the elongated ball for the Mississippi rifle. Cast in moulds made at Harpers Ferry Arsenal. Pointy bullet with no grooves, solid base with cut sprue mark on base. White and tan patina.
.535 x .757
Reference: TT128; MM12; RB4-232

.54 caliber for Rifle.
Southern made bullet with three grooves, pointy nose, cone cavity, essentric rim. Nice mould seam on sides. White and tan patina.
.517 x 1.006
Reference: TT138v; MM459; RB4-240


.577 caliber Enfield.
Southern made Enfield bullet with no grooves, cone cavity, nice even skirt. Nice mould seam on sides and cold casting rings visible. White/gray patina.
.567 x 1.120
Reference: TT146c; MM227; RB4-529


.58 caliber New Austrian.
This is a fired example of a Confederate New Austrian bullet. Made in Raleigh, NC, and issued to North Carolina troops. Bullet with two deep grooves, solid base. Flattened edges from being fired. White patina with a few small dings on bottom edge.
.566 x .863
Reference: TT177; MM109; RB4-328

.54 caliber "Georgia Teat".
Bullet with three grooves, cavity with large teat, thick skirt. Nice mould seam on sides. White patina.
.528 x 1.032
Reference: TT133b; MM413; RB4-263

.45 caliber Remington Cartridge.
Cartridge for the M1865 Remington carbine. Lead bullet with two grooves, solid base, and copper rimfire case. No head stamp. Probably made by Crittenden & Tibballs.
Reference: TT--; MM--; RB2-617

.58 caliber for Rifle Musket.
This is a Confederate bullet made at the Richmond Laboratory in the later half of the war. Made on a Lehner & White bullet press. This bullet has previously been called a "salvaged lead" bullet. This has three shallow grooves, and a truncated cone cavity. Nice gray patina. Skirt is out of round.
.565 x .986
Reference: TT173b; MM371; RB4-368

.54 caliber Confederate Rifle.
This is a bullet for a rifle. This has three grooves, good mould seams down the sides, thick skirt, and a cone cavity. Nice slick patina.
.516 x 1.019
Reference: TT129b; MM?; RB4-?

.58 caliber Confederate "No-Ring" Gardner.
This is a variant of the typical Confederate Gardner bullet. This type has two faint grooves, good mould seams down the sides, and was nose cast. Nice slick, tan and white patina.
.592 x 1.095
Reference: TT162b; MM --; RB4-394

.44 caliber Colt with Serrations.
Colt pattern bullet with rebated base for Army revolvers. Solid base, serrations running around bullet.
.452 x .789
Reference: TT10b; MM490;RB3-733

.56 caliber Colt for Revolving Rifle.
Bullet for Colt's Revolving Rifle. Pointy nose, two grooves, rebated base, no cavity.
.576 x .953
Reference: TT96a; MM141; RB2-393

Three Pulled Bullets.
A selection of pulled bullets. Left to right these are an Enfield with cone cavity, Enfield with teat in cavity, and a Minie with star in cavity.
$20.00 for all three

.32 caliber Teatfire.
Copper teatfire cartridge for the Moore revolver. Patented by David Williamson in 1864. This is the earlier flat teat version. Later cartridges were modified and have a round teat.
Reference: TT52a; MM96; RB3-994

.44 caliber Picket.
Picket bullet for Kentucky and Pennsylvania type country rifles. Solid base and flat nose.
.436 x .762
Reference: TT212v; MM20v; RB3-1147v

.36 caliber Colt with Serrations.
Colt pattern bullet with rebated base for Navy revolvers. Solid base, serrations running around bullet. Brown patina.
.375 x .601
Reference: TT7v; MM499v

.44 caliber Wesson Cartridge.
Non-excavated, .44 caliber Wesson cartridge from Crittenden & Tibballs. Very nice and clean Wesson rimfire cartridges. Pointy nose, one groove, copper case. No head stamp, but "line" on head from cartridge case "drawing" process. Examples of these cartridges are uncommon in either dug or non-dug condition. Several specimens available.
.440 x 1.502
Reference: TT62; MM162; RB2-708

.577 caliber Enfield "L2".
English Enfield bullet made by E & A Ludlow in Birmingham, England, and imported thru the blockade. Two small chips in base as shown in pic. Opposite side is in perfect condition. "L2" stamping in the cavity is perfect, sorry for blurry pic of cavity...hard to photograph. Nice white patina.
.553 x 1.120
Reference: TT145v; MM--; RB4-420

.58 caliber Gardner blowthrough.
Excavated Confederate Gardner bullet that has the nose blow out when fired. This weakness was caused when an air bubble was cast into the bullet during the moulding process. Hole blown straight through.  White and tan patina.
Reference: TT163; MM--; RB4--

.44 caliber Henry.
Excavated bullet for the Henry rifle. Rebated base and cut sprue on base. The separate bullets, in good condition, are much more uncommon than complete Henry cartridges. White and tan patina with a few minor chips in the patina.
.457 x .723
Reference: TT60; MM474; RB2-600
90-bore, .36 caliber, Sharps, Gomez & Mills Patent.
For Sharps sporting rifle, Gomez & Mills patent "multi-groove" bullet. White patina overall. Recovered near Rolla, Missouri.
.397 x .694
Reference: TT103; MM--; RB2-550

.26 caliber Cupfire cartridge.
Non-dug cartridge by Ellis & White for the Plant revolver. This is the smallest caliber of this type of cartridge.
Reference: TT50a; MM100; RB3-978

12mm Pinfire, C.D. Leet.
Non-dug pinfire cartridge. Copper case with no head stamp. This is a rare American-made specimen by C.D. Leet. For LeFaucheux and similar revolvers.
Reference: TT53d; MM--; RB3-939
$35.00 -- SOLD

.58 caliber Williams, type III.
Non-dug Williams, type III, patented bullet. Nick-named the "cleaner" bullet because the zinc washers scraped the burnt gun powder out of the musket barrel. This is an interesting specimen; because it is a non-dug bullet out of a broken cartridge, the zinc disk is present as is the lubricant.
.582 x .849
Reference: TT159; MM540; RB1-284

.32 caliber Smith & Wesson cartridges.
Non-dug cartridges for Smith & Wesson revolvers.  Here is one each of S & W "Short" and "Long" rimfire cartridges. These are Civil War cartridges. No head stamp on either specimen.
Reference: TT13; MM102; RB3-1040

.58 caliber Minie.
This is a broken cartridge; the bullet portion of the cartridge with paper tied over the bullet. This bullet is an elongated ball with a pointy nose, three grooves, and a cove cavity.

.58 caliber Shaler.
Patented, three-piece bullet. This specimen features a top piece with pointy nose and one faint groove; typical center piece; base piece with dished cavity. Light gray/white patina. Perfect set.
.577 x 1.271
Reference: TT155b; MM520; RB1-262
$75.00 -- SOLD
.58 caliber French Minie.
This "Minie" is of French design and was imported into the South. This bullet is elongated ball with a pointy nose, three grooves, and a triangular cavity. Light white patina with dirt remaining in the grooves.
.572 x .925
Reference: TT176; MM349; RB1-329
.40 caliber Derringer.
This bullet was for the Derringer single-shot rimfire pistol. This is a solid bullet with pointy nose, two grooves, and a third groove where it was crimped into a copper cartridge case. Nice white patina with old catalog number "252".
.401 x .548
Reference: TT14; MM --; RB3-987

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