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7mm Pinfire shot.

A very nice little shot cartridge for the 7mm LeFaucheux revolver. Copper case with "7" head stamp. Shot contained in salmon colored paper. Not your typical pinfire cartridge.
.304" x .910"

.52 Cal. Sharps "4-Ring".

"Old Model" Sharps bullet for carbines and rifles. "Ringtail" pattern where paper cartridge was tied to the extended bottom ring. This is the much less common variety with a fourth raised band found below the nose. This extra ring is thick and stands out well. Mold seams also strong. Light white/gray patina. Some chipping to "ring tail" edges. Nice example.
.561" x 1.056"
Reference: T&T #118

60-Bore (~.44 Cal.) Sharps by Gomez & Mills.

Sharps "multi-ring" bullet for the sporting rifle. Clear definition to the many rings in the center and very displayable. Mold seams visible. Great white patina. Couple of dings on one side only, and priced accordingly.
.477" x .875"
Reference: T&T #105.

.40 caliber LeMat.

A .40 cal. revolver bullet for the French LeMat revolver. A couple thousand of these revolvers were imported into the Confederacy. This pattern of bullet, with thicker body was made in Richmond. Nice tan patina; small chip in bottom edge.
.416" x .638"
Reference:  T&T #21A.

.54 caliber tinned Burnside cartridge.

Rare tinned burnside carbine cartridge made at either Frankford or Watervliet arsenal. This "second model" cartridge was tinned (silver color) to deferentiate it from the longer "first model" (yellow brass) cartridges. Super condition (even with a few small dents in Forter's "swell" caused when packed), and rare to find specimens with this much tin plate remaining.Even better than pics show!
.634" x 2.397"
Reference:  T&T #89.

.44 caliber by Eley.

A .44 cal. revolver bullet very similar to the Colt pattern, except for the "boat tail" bottom and the single thin groove. Bright white patina. Eley Brothers of London, used this bullet in a skin cartridge with thread wound around to strengthen. Came in a paper sleeve with cloth tear strip.
.451" x .673"
Reference:  See RB-4, #33.

.54 caliber Burnside, arsenal made.

Rare Northern arsenal made burnside carbine bullet. Machine pressed with characteristic "dimple" in base from punches. Two grooves with fine crimp line above. Great shape, perfect patina.
.550" x .821"
Reference:  T&T #90c.

.28 caliber Colt "root" pocket model.

For the .28caliber, Colt "root" side hammer pocket model revolver. Base cast with a single wide, raised band around the center. Nice cut sprue on base. Perfect white patina. From the Dean Thomas collection and has his reference number on one side. Actual bullet as pictured in "Round Ball" Part Three, #805.
.288" x .403"
Reference:  T&T #3.

32-Bore (~.52 Cal.) Sharps by Gomez & Mills.

Large carbine/rifle size. A near perfect Sharps "multi-ring" bullet for the sporting rifle. Most likely a non-dug specimen from a broken cartridge. Sharp definition to the many rings in the center and beautifully displayable. Dark gray color.
.569" x .992"
Reference: T&T #106.

.63 caliber Brunswick, Charleston Arsenal.

Made for the .63 caliber, two-groove Brunswick rifle imported from England. Manufactured at Charleston Arsenal. Nose cast with mold seams, and cone cavity. Even brown patina and coated.
.610" x 1.00"
Reference:  T&T #181b.

Fired .69 caliber French Triangle Base.

An interesting fired example of a large French pattern triangle cavity musket ball. Smashed nose, single wide groove, obvious rifling grooves on sides, and perfectly visible triangle cavity. Proof that they were used!
 Reference:  T&T #195D (fired).

.56 caliber Colt Revolving Rifle.

A near perfect example of a the Colt Revolving Rifle bullet. Pointy nose, two grooves, rebatted band, solid base. Perfect white patina.
.577" x .972"
Reference:  T&T #96A.

.58 caliber Minie, Charleston Arsenal.

A interesting example of a "high-base" Charleston Arseanl bullet for rifle muskets. Nose cast with obvious sprue, mould seams down sides, and characteristic uneven "high-base". Although in very good shape, it was indeed fired and has a faint ramrod ring at the nose. One small ding near the nose on back side. Clearly defined air bubble in top of cavity forming what M&M called a "pin in cone" type cavity. Perfect, even white patina.
.589" x 1.177"
Reference:  T&T #169.

.90-Bore (~.36 Cal.) Sharps by Gomez & Mills.

A very attractive Sharps "multi-ring" bullet for the sporting rifle. Sharp definition to the many rings in the center. A small shovel nick on one side; other side perfect and beautifully displayable. Great patina. Nice.
.408" x .730"
Reference: T&T #103.

.50 caliber M1865 Spencer Cartridge.

Original non-dug Spencer cartridge for the model 1865 Spencer (.50 caliber). Copper case was coated with varnish by an old collector. Bullet has white patina; possibly from being stored in wood display case in the old collection. Made by Joseph Goldmark and so has "J.G." headstamp.

12mm Perrin.

Internally primed cartridge for the French Perrin revolver. 550 of these revolvers were received by the Ordnance Department. Nice clean specimen. Copper case with wide rim, no head stamp.
.998" tall.
Reference: RBtoRF3, #962.

.44 caliber Sharps.

60-bore, .45 caliber round for the Sharps sporting rifle. Tan patina with one small shovel nick on one side.
.468 x .827
Reference: TT108

Snap Caps (Nipple Protectors) made from Bullets.
Musket "snap cap" or nipple protector handmade out of a minie. Four different specimens, your choice, specify which you want.
$12.00 each

.577 caliber Enfield.

A typical example of a cast, Southern-made Enfield bullet. A perfect specimen. Still coverd in dirt, but smooth white patina is peeking thru in spots. Typical off-centered cone cavity.

C.S. .58 caliber RM.

Excavated .58 caliber bullet for rifle muskets, Southern manufacture. So-called "Georgia teat" bullet. Pointy nose, tall body with three grooves, cavity with large teat. Mould seams visible through grooves. White/gray patina. Nice condition.
Reference: TT171a
.578 x 1.107

C.S. .58 caliber RM.

Another variation of the so-called "Georgia teat" bullet. Pointy nose, tall body with three grooves, thick skirt, cavity with flattened teat. Mould seams visible through grooves. White/tan patina. Nice condition.
Reference: TT171a
.580 x 1.147

.50 caliber Maynard Cartridge.
This is a "put-together" cartridge. Pointy style bullet has beautiful white patina. Brass case is complete with soldered base disc. Nice specimen.
.550 x 1.797
Reference: TT78

.52 caliber Sharps.

Excavated .52 caliber bullet for Sharps carbines and rifles. Pointy nose, raised bands, machine punch-mark with raised teat. White/tan patina with black powder stains on bottom. Nice condition.
Reference: TT114
.536 x .934

.69 caliber for Rifled Musket.

Excavated bullet for rifled muskets. Three grooves, deep plug cavity. White patina with some brown crusty dirt remaining. Deep plug cavity (.425").
Ref: TT185


Maryland Cuff Button.
Non-dug cuff button.  Three-piece button with Maryland seal on front. Perfect stand up shank. Backmark reads, "Scovill Mfg. Co. Waterbury".


.58 caliber "Georgia Teat".
Bullet with three grooves, cavity with pin hole and no teat. Nice example.
.586 x 1.101
Reference: TT171c


.36 caliber revolver cartridge by Robert Chadwick.
Scarce cartridge for .36 caliber, "Navy" revolvers. Made by Robert Chadwick's Hartford Cartridge Works. Simple Colt-style bullet with rebated base, and an untreated paper powder case glued to the bullet. Cartridge was broken and repaired.
.380 x 1.260
Reference: TT7c; MM--; RB3-779


.58 caliber New Austrian.
This is a fired example of a Confederate New Austrian bullet. Made in Raleigh, NC, and issued to North Carolina troops. Bullet with two deep grooves, solid base. Flattened edges from being fired. White patina with a few small dings on bottom edge.
.566 x .863
Reference: TT177; MM109; RB4-328

.54 caliber "Georgia Teat".
Bullet with three grooves, cavity with large teat, thick skirt. Nice mould seam on sides. White patina.
.528 x 1.032
Reference: TT133b; MM413; RB4-263

.54 caliber Confederate Rifle.
This is a bullet for a rifle. This has three grooves, good mould seams down the sides, thick skirt, and a cone cavity. Nice slick patina.
.516 x 1.019
Reference: TT129b; MM?; RB4-?

.58 caliber Confederate "No-Ring" Gardner.
This is a variant of the typical Confederate Gardner bullet. This type has two faint grooves, good mould seams down the sides, and was nose cast. Nice slick, tan and white patina.
.592 x 1.095
Reference: TT162b; MM --; RB4-394

.44 caliber Wesson Cartridge.
Non-excavated, .44 caliber Wesson cartridge from Crittenden & Tibballs. Very nice and clean Wesson rimfire cartridges. Pointy nose, one groove, copper case. No head stamp, but "line" on head from cartridge case "drawing" process. Examples of these cartridges are uncommon in either dug or non-dug condition. Several specimens available.
.440 x 1.502
Reference: TT62; MM162; RB2-708

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