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Crimean War Bullets, 1853-56.
From Genichesk, Ukrane.
Fired French minie bullets with iron cups; $10 each.
Small case shot balls; $2 each.

L to R:
CS .58 cal. Gardner "blow throughs" (4).
A .54 cal. Macon carbine bullet. In fired condition with some dings, white patina.
Nice .54 cal. Sharps & Hankins, first pattern carbine with brown patina.

L to R:
A great CS .58 cal. Gardner with unusually pointy nose.
A .58 cal. with round nose and round grooves. Some have called these "Macon" bullets, great patina.
Nice .36 cal. Maynard, perfect white patina.
Large .69 cal. "Austrian" with small nick on base...a great deal.

"Pulled" .44 caliber Colt Bullet.
It's quite unusual to find a "pulled" revolver bullet. I just sold the .31 listed below and then this one turned up. Nice brown patina. Solid base, threaded hole in the nose.

Time to start the new year by cleaning off my desk!
(Row 1, left to right) Merrill (2), "Joslyn" [not really but that's what you all like to call them] (2), Cosmopolitan (2), .56 Colt Rev. Rifle (1), Gallager (1).
(Row 2) .54 Miss. Rifle (2), .54 Ga. teat (1), .56 Colt Rev. Rifle (1), .58 Charleston Arsenal (1), Carved (2).
(Row 3) C.S. Enfield (3), Enfield from Agusta Arsenal dump (1), C.S. Enfield (2), English Enfield (plug base) (1), .54 "slick" (1), Carved (1).
(Row 4) Sharps "Ringtail" (6), .69 French - fired (2).
$7 each / 3 bullet minimum
Still cleaning off my desk!
(Row 1, left to right) Re-assembled Buck & Ball (1), .58 Selma (1), C.S. .58 plug cavity (4).
(Row 2) .58 Lehrner & White (Richmond Lab.) What M&M call salvaged lead (3), .58 Ga. teat (2).
Row 1 & 2, $12 each.

(Row 3) Marshal, Tx. Enfield (1), Enfield from 'Modern Greece' wreck (2), C.S. Gardner 'blow through' (1), .58 Minie fired with ramrod (1), .54 Minie with teat in cavity (1).
Row 3, $15 each.

.50 caliber Colt Revolving Rifle Bullet.
This is a rare bullet. Very nice white patina with just a few chips. Solid base, two grooves. This is the rare .50 caliber size of these bullets.

.58 caliber Springfield Cartridge.
This is an Indian War-era rifle cartridge. Very nice copper, centerfire cartridge. No head stamp. Benet primed as shown by the crimp marks.

.41 caliber Derringer Bullet.
This is a "dug" Civil War-era Derringer bullet. Very nice patina. Base shows corrosion from being seated on the powder within the cartridge. The bullet is rarer than the complete cartridges.

.45-70 Rifle Cartridge.
This is a Frankford Arsenal .45-70 internally primed ball cartridge. A nice Benet primed copper cartridge for the .45-70.
OAL: 2.26"; CL 1.77"


.44 cal. Ballard  Bullet.

Bullet for the Ballard carbine. Pointy nose, solid base, two grooves and "crimp" at base.  Nice patina with field dirt remaining.
0.452" x 0.685"

120-Bore (.31 caliber) English Revolver Bullet
English 120-bore (.31 caliber) bullet for European made Hayes patent skin cartridges. One groove to tie cartridge case and knife cut from trimming case.
Reference: TT#11

.44 cal. Wesson.

Bullet for the Wesson rifle. Pointy nose, solid base, one groove and rebated base.  Casting sprue mark on base with reference number in pencil. Nice patina.
Reference:  T&T #62.

Iron Mold for .31 caliber Picket Bullet.
Nice iron bullet mold. Casts a .31 cal. bullet with pointy nose. Scissor type mold. 4.75" long overall.

84-Bore (.36 caliber) English Revolver Cartridge.
English 84-bore (.36 caliber) bullet. Typical English construction skin cartridge. In protective paper case with cloth tear strip (full length, it got cropped in editing) and orange tab on bottom with "Eley, London" printed. X-ray shows pointy, one-groove bullet.

120-Bore (.31 caliber) English Revolver Cartridge.
English 120-bore (.31 caliber) bullet. Typical English construction skin cartridge. In protective paper case with cloth tear strip and orange tab on bottom with "Eley, London" printed.

.69 caliber French Dragoon Bullet.
Nice white bullet with one wide groove. Triangular cavity. Decent example.
.669 x .871
Reference: TT195c

.44 caliber Henry Rifle Cartridge.
Complete "dug" cartridge. Round nosed bullet with no grooves. Copper rimfire case with nice patina. No head stamp. Solid!
.451 x 1.34
Reference: TT60

.54 caliber Merrill Carbine Bullet.
Pointy bullet with three grooves. Solid base with pencil ID. Nice example.
.551 x .879
Reference: TT91a

.42 cal. Long Rimfire Cartridge.

Non-dug cartridge made by Forehand & Wadsworth. Copper rimfire case with lead bullet. Bullet has two raised bands and pointed nose.
.422 x 1.475
Reference: Barber, p. 15.

.38 cal. Bullet.

Beautiful example of a bullet for cartridge #222 below. Bullet has two grooves and recessed area, pointed nose and sprue on bottom.
As nice as can be!
.382 x .644

.38 cal. Long Rimfire Cartridge.

Non-dug cartridge made for Prescott revolver and other rifles. Possibly made by C.D. Leet, Crittenden & Tibbals, or Smith, Hall & Farmer. Copper rimfire case with lead bullet. Bullet has two grooves and pointed nose with flat tip.
.382 x 1.381
Reference: Suydam, p. 96.
2 available.
$40 ea.

84-bore, .36 cal. Hayes.

English 84-bore (.36 caliber) Hayes bullet. Pointed nose, two grooves, solid base. Mold seam; nice white patina.
.379 x .588
Reference: TT36b.

.44 cal. Wesson.

Bullet for the Wesson rifle. Pointy nose, solid base, one groove and rebated base. Probably fired as the bullet is slightly out of round. Casting sprue mark on base. Nice patina.
Reference:  T&T #62.

.50 cal. Smith "Rubber Case".

A clean bullet for the Smith carbine! This is the bullet for the "rubber case" cartridge. Solid base, two raised bands, pointy nose. Mould seam visible.
 Reference:  T&T #72.

Non-dug Williams type III with zinc washer.

A perfect example of a Williams patent type III bullet. Since it is non-dug, it is complete with zinc washer which is usually missing on dug specimens. This came out of a broken cartridge.
 Reference:  T&T #159.

.577 caliber Enfield.

A typical example of a cast, Southern-made Enfield bullet. A perfect specimen. Still coverd in dirt, but smooth white patina is peeking thru in spots. Typical off-centered cone cavity.

.50 caliber Maynard Cartridge.
This is a "put-together" cartridge. Pointy style bullet has beautiful white patina. Brass case is complete with soldered base disc. Nice specimen.
.550 x 1.797
Reference: TT78


Maryland Cuff Button.
Non-dug cuff button.  Three-piece button with Maryland seal on front. Perfect stand up shank. Backmark reads, "Scovill Mfg. Co. Waterbury".


.58 caliber "Georgia Teat".
Bullet with three grooves, cavity with pin hole and no teat. Nice example.
.586 x 1.101
Reference: TT171c

.58 caliber Confederate "No-Ring" Gardner.
This is a variant of the typical Confederate Gardner bullet. This type has two faint grooves, good mould seams down the sides, and was nose cast. Nice slick, tan and white patina.
.592 x 1.095
Reference: TT162b; MM --; RB4-394

.44 caliber Wesson Cartridge.
Non-excavated, .44 caliber Wesson cartridge from Crittenden & Tibballs. Very nice and clean Wesson rimfire cartridges. Pointy nose, one groove, copper case. No head stamp, but "line" on head from cartridge case "drawing" process. Examples of these cartridges are uncommon in either dug or non-dug condition. Several specimens available.
.440 x 1.502
Reference: TT62; MM162; RB2-708

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